Friday, December 26, 2008

Playing with my new toy.

December was filled with dentist appointments and doctor appointments as we tried to fit as much in as we could before the insurance deductibles reset on January 1st. Somehow we managed to get Christmas shopping done too. Mom and Dad came down for the extended weekend. We had a good time despite half of us being sick with a really nasty chest cold. I am on the tail end of it now and Nuan is in the middle of it. We are really hoping that the kids don't catch it. It was a Wii Christmas for the kids. They got a console, a few Wii-motes, and nunchucks and some games. They also got a Wii-Fit which we all like, despite the fact that it called us fat and clumsy within the first few minutes. Well, it called me fat and clumsy, it told Nuan and the kids they were just clumsy. For Christmas, my lovely wife gave me a flash for my camera. These are pictures I took the next day with it.

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Teresa said...

That's hilarious about the wii-fit. You're a very talented photographer. Just found your blog linked to Rosanne's so it'll be fun to keep up on what's happening with your family!