Saturday, December 4, 2010

Funeral Today.

My Great Uncle, Richard Thomas passed away earlier this week. I was able to attend the funeral held in his honor in Murray. Some wonderful memories were shared and I learned quite a few things about him that I didn't know before.
I remember when Michele, Jerel and I were little we would always get excited to go to Uncle Dick and Aunt Kay's house. I think it was usually on Sunday afternoons. The thing that excited us the most was the prospect of playing on the teeter-totter in their back yard. I also remember there was some trees back there that were really easy for us to climb into and that was fun. It is a bit strange to me now that I don't remember talking and visiting very much we just played outside and left the adults alone. I remember that there was a long clothesline in the backyard that I wished I could put a pulley on and slide along it. It seemed like it would have been great fun but I was too short to reach it. I also remember some hedges in the front yard. I though Uncle Dick must be the best landscaper around because to me the hedges were just cool, like a wall made of plants. I was small enough to crawl through them in some places. It came in handy when we were playing tag with some older kids.
I was a little sad that the hedges and the teeter-totter were both gone the last time I was at their house for a wedding. That time I spent some time talking with adult relatives though.
Our sad parting is undoubtedly a joyful reunion for those who have passed on before him.

Goodby Uncle Dick, we love you.

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