Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Movies I watched last weekend.

Last weekend I watched a couple of World War 2 movies. Valkyrie and Defiance. Both of these were based on true stories. Valkyrie is about an assasination attempt on Hitler by German military officers. If you passed 7th grade you should know up front how it turns out but
it was still fairly suspenseful to watch. Defiance is about two Russian Jewish brothers who led a group of Jewish refugees in the forest while the Nazis occupied that part of Russia. It was both heart wrenching and inspirational. These men risked their lives but did something amazing that has blessed the lives of millions.
Fast forward a generation and we sit around eating cupcakes while playing Mafia Wars on facebook. When I hear of stories like these I feel like fiction is such a waste of time. Why do we have to invent super heroes and fantasy characters when there are so many true stories of regular people accomplishing amazing feats that improve humankind. They deserve to bed immortalized in history. Every culture and country has stories like these, it would be nice to see more of them published.

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Christian, Teresa, Cameron & Braeden said...

Wow, I totally agree. We saw Valkyrie recently too and I felt the same way. It's so amazing to me the courage and determination they had to take a stand for what's right and try to stop the evil acts even knowing it could kill them, their wives and their children. Those were incredible men that never get talked about when we think of Hitler. And it was the 15th attempt! I'm sure there were several other amazing people who tried the same with similar beliefs. Anyway, I love that you posted about it because it really does make the things we worry about and do seem so insignificant compared to what others have stood up to. Hitler? Yikes!