Friday, October 31, 2008


So now October is in the rearview mirror.  J's big accomplishment is that he passed the test for his full greenbelt in Karate.  His Grandparents were in town that weekend so they got to see his test.  I am always impressed when I watch him, there is a noticeable difference between him and the other kids, even the ones who are higher belts than he is.  So here are a few pictures from his test.

After the Karate test we all went up the canyon and took some pictures.  Here are some of the better ones.

Of course I can't forget about Halloween.  We took the kids down to a different neighborhood where one of J's friends live.  It was nice walking around with them.  Of course the kids had a blast.  Natasha couldn't carry all of her candy so she offloaded it into our coat pockets.  Before we went out I took a few pictures, so here they are.

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Anonymous said...

etting so grown up. Nuan looked lovely as well. You should have gotten in one of the pictures