Saturday, December 15, 2007

J’s Karate test

J had his Karate test today. As always he did great and he was awarded his next belt. It is orange with a white stripe down the middle. I took my flash and stand and set it up on the other side of the room to light the pictures better. The room is very dimly lit so photos don’t turn out very well. I learned a lot about flashes in this hour, so I will have even better photos of him next time.
J has been invited to join the Jr. Olympics/US Open competition team. Only invitees are allowed to join. Unfortunately he will not be able to attend several of the practices since we will be in Thailand, so he may not be able to compete on the team. We will have to wait until after Christmas to talk to his Sensei about it.

Later in the evening we went home and Mom & Dad made us open their gifts to us. 20 years ago that would have never crossed their minds.

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